Stained Glass BEGINNER Kit: GRYPHON Grinder, all Tools PLUS Stained Glass


Stained Glass BEGINNER Kit: GRYPHON Grinder, all Tools PLUS Stained Glass to make suncatchers!


Stained Glass Beginner

Start  Up  KIT

This stained glass beginner kit includes the “Stained Glass” to get you going NOW!(PLUS some clear glass to practice cutting & breaking)ALSO Includes a NEW GRYPHONE GRYPHETTE GRINDER!(115volts & not suitable for Europe or Australia)NEW: Now Included is a Free “Memory Glass Pendant Kit” which includes everything you need to make 4 picture pendants ** Instructions ** Clear Glass ** Hanging Rings ** Lead Free Solder ** Special size of copper foilYour Main Kit (Stained Glass Tools) you get are:1. Basic Key Cutter (Fletcher) – dip this in oil (any light weight oil) to keep it lubricated as you score the glass. (to “score” is scratching the surface). Score (scratch) the glass with this cutter then use the Ball End to tap the underside of glass where you’ve scored!2. Breaker – combo breaker / grozier plier – This helps with those curves & small pieces of glass you are trying to break just right. Hold it with the curved Side Down (make it smile at you & you know you have it in the correct position). Nose the breaker up to the score (scratch) line snapping glass downward. Use practice glass until you’ve mastered this technique.

3. Gryphon Gryphette Grinder- To smooth the rough edges & make pieces fit perfectly! This is a high quality GRYPHON grinder & comes with a 5 year warranty. Includes 3/4″ Diamond Grinder Bit.

Gryphon Gryphette Grinder
—————Grinder Information———————
The Gryphette offers the best value in a glass grinder today. The small enclosure houses a surprisingly powerful DC motor. Even when using 1″ diamond bits, it is virtually impossible to stall the motor.
The Gryphette is the perfect grinder for the occasional glass artist, student or classroom. The convenient size will be appreciated by everyone who does not require the features of a larger grinder.
PDF spec sheet
Powerful DC Motor
Standard 3/4″ bit
Accepts all standard bits
Simple Design
Outstanding Value
Optional Face Shield
Five year limited warranty
Motor: 0.67 amp
Motor speed: 3000 rpm
Worksurface: 6.75″ by 6.75″
Base: 7.75″ by 7.75″
Base Height: 6.25″
Weight: 6 lbs
Water Feed: Sponge
Warranty: 5 years
Shaft Diameter: 5/16″
Face Shield: Optional
Fuse: 3 Amps, Fast Acting

—————End of Grinder Information———————
4. Colorful Mix of Stained Glass- Variety of Stained Glass colors to start you going NOW (PLUS some clear glass to practice your cutting and breaking with)

5. Copper Foil * 7/32″ Wide (most popular) 36 Yard NEW roll Peel backing & stick copper completely around edge of glass. You’ll come around glass & overlap where you started. Tears off easily! Be sure to press the foil into the glass (burnish) so that it stay’s put when you start soldering your sun catch together.

6. Flux (8 oz. bottle) & Acid/Flux Brush Liquid flux is brushed on copper foiled glass, prior to soldering. This is the chemical necessary to make the tin/lead solder stick to the copper. If your solder is not flowing, apply more flux, it really helps!

7. Pound roll of Amerway Solder – 60/40 (60% tin 40% lead) AND a Choice 100 watt Soldering Iron – Heat Iron up & melt away the solder onto the copper. Turning everything that is copper to silver. Using your professional CHOICE 100 Watt Soldering Iron. Have a large wet rag handy, bunch it up & very carefully wipe the tip of the iron from time to time while it’s HOT. This also helps keep the solder cleaner!

8. 10 GREAT Beginner Patterns & Complete Instructions – You’ll make suncatchers to get you accustomed to doing each step!

Ship’s – within the U.S.A.

Stained Glass Beginner Kit

Additional information

Weight 200 oz
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in

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