How to Foil Glass

Foil Tape Steps

BEFORE YOU BEGIN it’s extremely important that your glass is clean! *SO IMPORTANT*  This means free of dirt & oils from your cutter or hands.  If you don’t clean the glass this will be the cause of foil not sticking properly.  Keep a spray bottle full of alcohol & spray on glass to wipe residues away.   Do not use a window cleaner because that leaves a residue which will cause the copper foil not to stick.

1.  Have photo ready cut to desired size

2.  Surround image with clear glass on both sides


Remove the protective paper backing of the foil as you work
How to Foil Glass by GlassSupplies41
Center the glass on the foil.   Make sure that there is an even amount of overhang on each side of the glass. Wrap the foil around entire edge of glass overlapping it at least 1/4″ from where you began then tear off the excess.
How to Foil Glass by GlassSupplies41
Fold over & crimp the foil around the edges of the glass. With a blunt piece of wood or a fid, burnish (flatten) the foil on both sides of the glass & along the outside edge so that the foil adheres to the glass firmly & smoothly. A sloppy wrap job will ruin the appearance.
How to Foil Glass by GlassSupplies41

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