How to Use Patina

Patina Instructions/ How to Use Patina

Patina Combo Pack- 8 oz ea. Novacan Black Patina and Copper Patina Black Patina - Novacan 16 oz. Copper Patina - Novacan 8 oz. Black Patina - Novacan 4 oz. Copper Patina - Novacan 4 oz.

6 piece Solder FINISH Combo Set (each 4 oz) CJs Cleaner, Copper Patina, Black Patina, CLARITY Metal Polish, Fine Steel Wool and 2 brushes


1. After soldering wipe finished solder with a piece of 0000 (super fine) steel wool.Super Fine Steel Wool - Solder Polish Finishing Technique - Remove black specs after soldering


2. Clean with a non-ammonium cleaner (that means NO window cleaners).  A spray bottle filled with alcohol from your medicine cabinet works. Kwik Klean is another cleaner that uses enzymes. It is safe, non corrosive, and non caustic.

Kwik-Clean Flux/Patina Remover and Cleaner 16 oz. Spray Bottle

3. Apply patina with a clean acid/Flux Brush Or a Q-Tip

4. Clean again.

5. Most importantly, you need to finish off with a metal polish to shine & protect that patina altered solder.

Finishing Compound WAX 4 oz CLARITY Metal Polish

Finishing Compound WAX 12 oz CLARITY Metal Polish



Antique your solder with Patinas! Using both Black & Copper Patina combined is a great way to achieve this.

After soldering piece, steel wool solder with 0000 super fine wool, clean & apply black patina by brushing it on with acid/flux brush or Qtip.

Next, go over solder again with steel wool (which lightens up that black patina), clean again & apply some copper patina. Working with this back and forth you can create really cool antique looks.

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