Aqua Flow System for Glass Grinders – Replaces Sponge




Techniglass Aqua Flow System

Say good-bye to your crumbling grinder sponge.

Aqua Flow is the Only System That Provides Continuous Water and Continuous Cleaning.

The patent pending Aqua Flow System features micro-tubular brush bristles attached to a highly durable polymeric holder. The system that not only provides continuous water to your grinder head, but also cleans simultaneously at a surprisingly affordable price. The Aqua-Flow System is available as a complete system with replacement brushes sold separately.

Continuous Water Flow The Aqua-Flow System:  microtubular brush bristles transfer water from the reservoir to the grinder head continuously, requiring the addition of water only at the onset of grinding. This feature allows you to work continuously on you glass art object – without annyoying and unnecessary interruptions.

Anti-Clog Technology: Conventional Sponges suffer from sludge build up in the pores of the sponge, causing clogging. This occurs repeatedly, making it necessary to continuously clean the sponge. These tasks are cumbersome, messy and inconvenient. With the Aqua-Flow System, anti-clog technology allows water to flow continuously, drawing sludge away from the grinding bit.

Fits all Glastar Grinder models except the G5 Minis.
Fits all Inland Grinder models except the Impulse.

Does not fit the Gryphon Grinders.


Replacement Brush Available Here

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 x 3 x 1 in
Grinder Model:

Glastar Diamond Star and Super Star, Glastar AllStar, Inland (excluding Impulse)

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