BULLSEYE Thinfire Shelf PAPER 21 x 41″ rolls Ceramic impregnated – KILN PAPER


BULLSEYE Thinfire Shelf PAPER 21 x 41″ Rolls Ceramic impregn​ated – KILN PAPER

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Thinfire Shelf Paper

For the smoothest finish on the bottom of your kiln-fired projects.

Quicker & easier than frequent re-priming.

Bullseye logo printed on the bottom side.

Instructions included!


Each piece good for one firing only.

Kiln Liner Fusing Release Shelf Paper

((( 5 Rolled Sheets OR 10 Rolled Sheets ))) each = 21 x 41 inch ((( = 861 square inch per sheet )))

YOU cut to the size you need!

ThinFire is a ceramic impregnated shelf paper that provides excellent separation between kiln shelf & glass in kiln firing applications up to 1,600 °F

In firing applications up to 1600o F (870o C)

A single layer of paper will prevent molten glass from sticking to your shelf A TEMPERATURES UP TO 1600o F (870o C)

smoother finish on the shelf side of your finished project

less binder burnout odor

lighter weight for easier handling & storage

Compared to kiln washes, ThinFire reduces shelf preparation time & improves surface release.

It doesn not work in EVERY application


used in direct contact with iridized glass, ThinFire may cause a reaction resulting in surface pitting!

As with any new material, it’s recommended that you test the product for suitability to your particular project.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2 x 2 x .5 in
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