Jump Rings – 3/8″ (.375 Inch) Tinned Copper 16 Gauge


Jump Rings – 3/8″ (.375 Inch) – Jump Rings – 3/8″ (.375 Inch) – Tinned Copper 16 Gauge – 100 or 50 pack – GlassSupplies41.com



3/8″ Jump Rings

or “O Ring” or “Hanging Ring”

Tinned (Silver color) solid Copper

16 Gauge Wire

Solder to Pendants, Sun Catchers, frames . . . . etc. for hanging pieces!


1. Lay out a damp rag & put your charm piece on top FLAT.

2. Attach jump ring by fluxing spot where you’ll attach. Also flux the open side of the ring to close up in this attaching process.

3. Hold the jump ring on that spot with self locking tweezers.

4. One hand holds the iron & picks up a small bead of solder, the other hand holds that ring in place.

5. By quickly tapping on the spot where you want that bead of solder to go it will release it where you have fluxed.

6. This should quickly & easily attach any ring to any piece (nuggets too).

7. Slip pendant onto a chain, cord or ribbon

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 x 1 x 1 in

Tinned Copper

Amount of Product

50 pack, 100 pack




3/8 Inch


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