About Our Flat Glass

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Hand Cut Glass

Our glass is all hand cut with PRECISION! You can count on our glass to be exact! Because it is hand cut, a residue from the cutting oil is left on the glass. CLEAN YOUR GLASS BEFORE YOU FOIL IT!! Clean it with isopropyl alcohol (from the medicine cabinet!) or a glass cleaner that is AMMONIUM FREE.


Our clear flat glass is 2.1mm thick (about 3/32 inch).  It is sturdier and thicker than the ultra wafer thin microscope slides. Our glass will not crack under soldering iron heat and is much more durable.  For making pendants (sandwiching images between two pieces of glass) 5/16″ size copper foil works best. 1/4″ foil will not completely wrap around both sides.

Clear Flat Glass - custom sizing availlable!

Packing and Shipping

We take great care in packaging our items so that they arrive safe and sound! Our glass is double wrapped in foam and sent in either padded mailers or cardboard boxes. While 99% of our packages arrive safely, sometimes (rarely) the post system gets the best of us. Just let us know about any damaged items, order mistakes, or feedback from our Help page. We want to fix all mistakes immediately!

Custom Size Cut Glass

YES! We offer Custom Cut Glass!
Smallest size: 1/2 inch  –  Longest: 12 inches – sorry no circles or shapes!
Go to our Custom Size Glass Orders page to learn more.


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