Aanraku – Nick’s GRINDER MATE – Grinding Tongs – Grinding Assistance


Aanraku – Nick’s GRINDER MATE – Nicks Grinding Tongs – Grinding Assistance -Grips glass firmly, accuracy and speed, Protects finger tips -GlassSupplies41.com


Aanraku – Nick’s GRINDER MATE – Grinding Tongs – Grinding Assistance

Nick’s Grinder’s Mate

Aanraku Stained Glass

Grips glass firmly
Protects finger tips
Moves smoothly
Improves accuracy
Improves grinding speed
Keeps glass 90 degrees to grinding head
Frees hands for supporting glass
Makes grinding fun
Now Grind with Speed, Accuracy & Attitude!

The secret is the powerful spring & rubber jaws that grip the glass. The Grinder’s Mate will securely hold pieces as small as ¼” and up to 4 square inches. Unlike grinder tongs, you don’t have to squeeze the handles while you grind to hold the glass in place. Once you place the glass in the Grinder’s Mate’s jaws, it holds it securely until you move it.

This tool has a large circular base, that holds your glass level to the work surface so that your edges are always straight. Also, when using the Grinder’s Mate, you can grind effectively while you sit or stand, whichever is the most comfortable for you.
* Top handle makes it easy to open the jaws for easy insertion of your piece of glass.
* The entire tool can be used to hold medium and small pieces to make beveling the edges quick and easy when necessary.
* Frees fingers & wrist to do faster & more accurate projects by increasing the speed & accuracy of your grinding.
* Open space gives your hand more flexibility for a firm controlling grasp of the tool & your glass while allowing for finer and more accurate grinding.
* The secret’s in the spring. It holds glass firmly, but not too hard.
* Wide base keeps the glass at right angles to the grinder head & allows Nick’s Grinders Mate to slide evenly & easily across the surface of your grinder.
* Sturdy hinge works with a variety of glass thickness from 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick.
* The rubber jaws grip the glass automatically & protect it from being damaged or scratched.


Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 2 in

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