Black Patina – Novacan 16 oz.


Black Patina – Novacan 16 oz.

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1 – 16 ounce JUMBO Bottle of Novacan BLACK Patina

Changes the silver solder to black color!

For best results do the following steps as it’ll really make a difference!

1. After soldering wipe finished solder with a piece of 0000 (super fine) steel wool.

2. Clean with a non ammonium cleaner (that means NO glass or widow cleaners). I recommend using AT THE VERY LEAST spray bottle filled with cheap alcohol from your medicine cabinet. OR get some Flux Remover like CJ’s or KwikClean.

3. Apply Patina with a CLEAN acid/Flux brush

4. Clean again.

5. Most important you need to finish off with a metal polish or a car wax (or Clarity Finishing compound made for solder) to shine and protect that patina altered solder.


AFTER DOING THE STEPS OUTLINED ABOVE: Go over solder AGAIN with the super fine steel wool. Doing this lightens up that black patina, clean again. Working with this technique back & forth you can create a really cool Antique Finish.

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