Complete Lead Working Tool Kit – 6 Piece


Complete LEAD Working Tool Kit – 6 Piece – Lead Knife, Dykes, Glazing Hammer and Nails, Fid, Lead Stretcher


Leading Tool Set

6  Lead Working  Toots  for sale here:

1.  Leponitt Lead Knife

Professional quality Blade with brass weighted wood handle
Size = 5 inches
Use handle tip for tapping nails into workboard.
2.  Leponitt – Dykes / Nippers

Lead Cutters ****
3.  &  4. GLAZING  HAMMER  & 25 Horseshoe Nails 

Glazing Hammer – Plastic on one end for hammering nails.  Rubber on the other end for tapping glass.
25 Horse shoe nails (farriers) Flat sided horse shoe nail is more practical than regular nail for leading.  Use to hold lead came in place before soldering joints

5.  Fid or Lathekin 

Opens lead & metal came channels
Cleaning excess cement when glazing
Use the pointed end to work excess cement from around lead or metal channels when glazing.
Slide the tapered end into lead or metal came to widen the opening
ALSO ….. Great for burnishing copper foil
6.  Lead Stretcher

Lead Vise  *  Serrated jaws hold lead  *  May be attached to work table

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 10 x 7 x 4 in

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